Solar PV Inspections and Maintenance

Solar PV Repair

Solar PV Repair

If your system isn’t giving you the performance you expected, or if you bought a home with a solar system and want to ensure your system is producing properly, our solar service inspection gives you peace of mind that your PV system is maximizing your potential savings for just $189.


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An ESD Technician will service your solar.


  • Includes an encompassing inspection to ensure your PV system is operating correctly.
  • Optimizes your PV system performance
  • Includes shading analysis
  • Includes a safety report
  • Panel cleaning for an additional $2.99/Panel

Get peace of mind by ensuring your long-term investment is paying for itself, please call your EDSI representative at (818) 762-6624.

Our PV Inspections and Maintenance services include:

Site Assessment

An ESD technician will conduct a complete site inspection The inspection will include a roof and inverter inspection and an engineering report.

Inverter Replacement

If needed, an ESD Technician will replace your inverter, recording old and new serial number, and confirming that the replacement is operational.

Roof leak Investigation

Our solar technicians are trained to look out for roof leaks, and determine cause if detected near the solar system. Our technicians will inspect roof and, if applicable, attic or other access under roof. Technicians will prepare findings and determine, as best as possible, whether roof leak was caused by solar installation or was independent of solar installation.

Module Cleaning

In certain areas , dirt and debris can build up on your panels, causing them to produce less energy than they should. Technician will clean modules and will provide before and after pictures.

Module Replacement

If a module needs replacement, an ESD technician will find a compatible module and replace the damaged module in accordance with inverter and racking specifications.


An ESD technician will troubleshoot any communication issues your monitoring system may have, or provide a recommendation for how you can add monitoring to your system.

Micro Inverter/Optimizer Replacement

If required, an ESD technician will replace micro inverters and optimizers recording old and new serial numbers, and confirm that they are operational with the manufacturer.

PV System Removal and RE-Installation

Our ESD Technicians will remove all solar components and store onsite. Technician will reinstall system according to original plan set. All additional materials will comply with original install quality standards.