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Solar Pool Heating is generally recognized as the most cost-effective use of solar heating. As such, it has traditionally not needed government support because its gas savings are so great. Until recently, now some commercial pools at hotels, apartment, schools can receive generous rebates from Southern California Gas Company. For more on this program, click here.
Pool solar is a straightforward process in which cold pool water is pumped through our Heliocol pool solar collectors (click here to learn more about Heliocol collectors) which capture heat from the sun and is then sent back to the pool or spa. Typically using your existing pool filter pump, so while you clean the pool, you are also heating it.
If sized properly and installed where they get plenty of sun, these Heliocol systems will help you enjoy your pool from April through October with little or no help from natural gas heaters, greatly increasing the usability of your pool. Don’t let your pool become just another expensive piece of landscape.
Multifamily residences like apartment buildings and HOAs, who use natural gas and typically heat their pools to about 85 degrees 6 to 8 months of the year or year round in many cases, greatly benefit from one of these Heliocol systems as they literally spend thousands of dollars to heat their pools just a few months a year. Schools and public swimming facilities also fall into this category. On top of the huge gas savings, Heliocol pool solar heating systems help offset a lot of the carbon footprint a large gas heater produce through the carbon monoxide they expel during use.