Solar Pool Heating Best Bang for the Buck





More Family Fun

More Exercise

More Saving

Increase the value of your pool and thereby your home.Easier to sell.

Reduced air pollution, especially during most critical bad air months.

Be green and fight global warming.

4 roof sensitive mounting systems

Save thousand of dollars with free solar energy

12 year parts and labor warranty on Heliocol panels

Peace of mind working with ESDi …in business since l979.

“Hi Bob, Thanks for meeting us (At Mccambridge) and  an excellent job…”

-Jeanette M.

ESDI Leade Tech Tim Sliakis explains solar operation HOA Client

Solar Pool Heating is generally recognized as the most cost-effective use of solar heating.As such, it has traditionally not needed government support because its gas savings are so great.
Recently, commercial pools at hotels, apartment, schools can receive generous rebates from Southern California Gas Company. For more info, click here.
Pool solar is a straightforward process. Cold pool water is pumped through our Heliocol pool solar collectors (click here to learn more about Heliocol)which transfer heat from the sun back to the pool.
Typically using your existing pool filter pump, so while you clean the pool, you are also heating it.
For extra electrical saving and various LADWP or Edison Rebate you can use a high efficiency variable speed pump.

If sized properly and installed where they get plenty of sun, these Heliocol systems will help you enjoy your pool from April through October with little or no help from natural gas heaters.
Click here to see 5 key design elemtns.
Solar Pool heating benefits – whether residential or commercial – can best be summed up by north Hollywood resident Gil Dawson who wrote:
“Dear Bob
I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you how delighted I am with the pool heater y’all installed for me last June.
During the hot days of July and August, that gadget warmed the pool to over 90 Degree — what a luxury since installation I’ve logged more hours in the pool at night than in the previous five years I’ve lived in this house. Floating under the stars in darkness, drowsing in liquid warmth, I really enjoy the dramatic difference of a heated pool.
I have as you might imagine become a bit more popular on the Weekends Friends bring me gifts of food, drink, and toys to offset the slight additional usage of chlorine, electricity, and beach towels occasioned by the new heater. It’s definitely a fair trade for me.
Even now after a week of cool spell, the pool offers a refreshing morning swim to clear the cobwebs for my days’s work. No longer is my pool a curiosity to look at and a drudgery to clean — I actually use it.”