Throughout our 37 years, we have acquired the skills and ability to service all types of systems. Whether they are installed by us or a group that is no longer around, we can service, repair or replace it depending on system condition. It is routine to perform a full inspection of your system and provide you with a full detailed checklist with findings and recommendations.

Although our systems have detailed warranty coverage, we often find ourselves servicing systems that are past their warranty periods or that were installed by others. A standard service charge will apply for systems not covered under our warranties. Our service coordinators will provide details upon receiving your service request. 


 Although our systems are fully automated, time and the elements take their toll on all things. It is always recommended that our customers sign up for our PM program after they have one of our systems installed. For a minimal yearly fee, we come out twice a year to perform routine inspections and maintenance on pool and domestic water heating systems. This will ensure your system is working properly and most efficiently throughout its life and will result in a longer life of the system.

For pool solar heating systems, we recommend signing up for our yearly “winterization” PM program. This program involves our techs coming out in November to drain and isolate your pool solar to prevent potential freeze damage that may occur. Although we live in sunny SoCal, there are areas that do experience freezing, especially when a system does not drain when it is not operational. The second visit takes place in late February at which point we re-pressurize your system and start it back up for the swim season.

Domestic hot water heating systems are a little more intricate and should be monitored. Because most of our systems are designed to be closed-loop and have more moving parts, we do recommend routine inspections. Our PM program for DHW systems also includes 2 annual visits from one of our technicians to check all components of your system which is followed by a detailed report with findings and/or recommendations.

Just as we care for our own bodies to ensure a long healthy life, your solar heating system will live longer with proper upkeep and maintenance when needed.

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