Company Profile

One of the many Solar Hot Water Heating Systems for the Community Corporation of Santa Monica

Environmental Solar Design, Inc. (ESDI) is a full-line, professional, design-build, solar contractor based in North Hollywood, CA.

Environmental Solar designs, engineers, sells, installs and services solar energy and high efficiency boiler conservation equipment for both the residential and commercial markets. 

As a licensed general contractor, the firm has worked closely with Southern California Gas Company, Southern California Edison, LADWP and other municipal utilities such as Burbank DWP on solar and energy saving projects, as well as dozens of property management companies and private homeowners.

 All systems installed by Environmental Solar Design, Inc. contain the highest quality equipment and components built for durability, simplicity of operation, and optimum energy savings. Our warranty is one of the most comprehensive in the industry.

Pride, experience, and expertise characterize all phases of ESDI work. We approach each job as a custom job. We view every client as an important client and every project as a sure step toward achieving greater energy self-reliance.

But who we are and what we do was probably best put by one of our original clients when purchasing a solar thermal for his 79unit apartments

Services include: 

*FULL DESIGN AND ENGINEERING SERVICES. Our plans and specifications comply with prevailing state and local building codes, as well as federal, state and local energy saving incentive programs.
*INSTALLATION CAPABILITIES. ESDI retains its own fully trained and professional installation crews. All equipment and personnel are fully insured and bonded. 
*APPRAISALS AND ESTIMATING SERVICES. If you need a second opinion or appraisal, we can provide a thorough report – in writing.
*REPAIR and MAINTENANCE. We can trouble shoot, repair or maintain almost any solar or energy conservation system. Preventive maintenance service contracts available.
*TURNKEY INSTALLATION. This is our specialty. Taking a job all the way. Turning a concept into a reality with service to back it up. Making the “Accountability Gap” someone else’s problem.


Testimonial To above Photo And Gas Bill
“As you and I have discussed, the choosing of a solar system really boils down to who can do the best job of installing and supporting. While the dollars are important, their priority is reduced by the fact that the tax credits, rebates and depreciation really pay for the system. It is the system that works well, has low maintenance as well as save gas costs that really matters. I have based my decision on having ESDI, Inc. do the Citronia job on my feeling that your integrated method of doing business will get me the most results for the dollar. I could have bought a cheaper system and your main competitor was willing to meet your price but my commitment is my bond and I am staying with you.”
– Phils Salet IBM EXEC and APT Owner