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Since 1979 Environmental Solar Design Inc. (ESDI) has dedicated itself to saving its clients tons of energy, money, and air pollution through solar Whether solar thermal or solar electric, ESDI has designed, installed, and serviced high value, practical product with responsive service at a fair price.From the boom days of the first oil embargo and energy crisis of the 1970s and 80s, the north hollywood solar design/build solar general contractor has operated under license B-C46-207540.
Clients range from single family homes to large housing complexes in both public and private sectors. In a highly cycllical industry, the firm has survived and thrived over the last 37 years by under-promising and over performing with durable, straight-forward solar products high efficiency conservation equipment and services.
Find out what solar can do for you. Find out about government & utility rebates. The possibilities are endless. To learn more about these , contact us through email or phone.
As we have for over three decades, we look forward to working with you in pursue of energy saving.
Bob Ellis, President and General Manager

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